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Terraform Comics is a publisher that is combining the talent of over 100 years of experience in comic books, publishing and marketing. We are changing the landscape of comics by embracing the creativity and spirit of independent creators. Our books are defined by high standards of quality in story and art. 

Mark Darden Unleashes The Guano Guy

Terraform Comics is very proud to present Mark Darden's “The Guano Guy” to it's growing catalog of comic books. As a young boy, Mark developed a love for comics from titles such as Mighty Mouse, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Richie Rich, but he had to hide his comic...

Austin Janowsky Brings Dawn and the Dead to Terraform Comics

Austin Janowsky brings his comic book Dawn and the Dead to Terraform Comics. From acting to graphic design and over 25 years of experience in the comic book industry, Janowsky knows how to tell stories.

Introducing Terraform Comics, LLC

It’s June 17, 2020 and six leaders with over 100 years of experience in publishing, distribution and marketing, with a clear vision to change the landscape of comics have combined forces to announce the formation of Terraform Comics, LLC.

Erik Hodson

Erik Hodson

Art Director

Luke Stone, Terraform Comics

Luke Stone


Rob Andersin, Terraform Comics

Rob Andersin


Varian Grant, Terraform Comics

Varian Grant


Meredith Loughran, Terraform Comics

Meredith Loughran

Social Media

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